Program Details

The California Wastewater Process Optimization Program (CalPOP) helps wastewater treatment facilities optimize their processes, thereby cutting energy costs and saving money. Quantum Energy Services & Technologies, Inc. (QuEST), as the Program's authorized implementer, works with plant operators to perform free process audits, install new equipment, and provide training.

For more information on the California Wastewater Process Optimization Program, please contact the CalPOP Program Implementer. If you are a plant manager or operator and would like to know if your facility could benefit from the program, please submit a usage survey.

Who's Eligible to Participate?
Municipal or private wastewater treatment facilities that are customers of qualified California investor-owned utilities.

What Kinds of Projects are Eligible?
Any measure that leads to energy savings. Projects typically focus on finding opportunities to reduce aeration and pumping costs. Funding is available to upgrade or install new equipment including dissolved oxygen probes, SCADA systems, timers, VFDs, and other automated controls that tailor the right amount of aeration for plant loading.

The Program may also provide funding for new energy saving devices such as low powered mixers and aerators, to replace older, less-efficient models.

How does it Work?
Program funding allows CalPOP to provide facility audits and recommendation reports to facilities at no cost and no obligation. Ratepayer funds sponsor an energy conservation Program specifically for wastewater treatment.

CalPOP can provide up to 100% of project costs based on energy savings, along with technical assistance, if the facility decides to implement the recommended measures. Projects with greater potential energy savings receive more funding.

CalPOP works hand-in-hand with facility staff to implement new processes, install equipment, and provide any needed training.

Who has Benefited?
More than 50 facilities across California since 2001. For many facilities, 100% of project costs were covered by Program funds. For other projects that required facility co-pay, the payback period was reduced significantly with CalPOP funding. Today, facilities are enjoying substantially reduced costs as a result of improvements recommended by CalPOP.

When Must Work be Completed?
Projects must be completed by November 30, 2012. Considerable funding is still available on a first-come, first-served basis, until the deadline or all funds are spent.

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